canon a95 and baader adapter

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canon a95 and baader adapter Empty canon a95 and baader adapter

Post  robertsd on Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:45 pm

I'm a complete newbie to digiscoping. Currently I have a canon a95 camera, a baader adapter which I tried using with my cheap scope but without success. I'm a keen bird watcher and I'm looking to purchase a new scope for birdwatching and digiscoping if it is compatible with my camera and adapter. I'm willing to purchase a different adapter for the scope if the one I have is unsuitable. Any advice would be really appreciated.


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canon a95 and baader adapter Empty new scope?

Post  SCOOTER on Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:46 pm

Hi robartsd
welcome I have not been digiscopeing very long if you go to my blog at http://rascal.galleryblogs.nat you can see my set up and some of my photos with my opticron is70WP scope and samsung NV15 camera and some with my Fuji s8000fd camera if you go to SRB-GRITURN web site or the OPTICRON web site I found them very helpful if you look a the photos of the duck on the roof i took one photo with my Fuji's8000 with no zoom and one with full zoom and then one with scope just to see how the scope works. The opticron is70WP cost£170.00 is fitted with the top of the range SDL eyepiece cost £225.00 if i get a better opticron scope in the future i can use this eyepiece so will not need to buy a new eyepiece. let use know how you get on.Cheers Scooter

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