Using Telescope for terrestrial digiscoping and begginer questions !

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Using Telescope for terrestrial digiscoping and begginer questions ! Empty Using Telescope for terrestrial digiscoping and begginer questions !

Post  Gabriel on Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:44 am

Hello !

I'm new to digiscoping and want to buy my first optic for the task. I got a Canon XSi with many lense already in my possession.
I never try digiscoping and I don't know anybody near me that ever did it ! So, you understand that I pass a lot of hours on internet reading review, tips, beginner, taking big breath when I saw 4500$ spotting scope and ect..... now I'm done !

So as an amateur photographer, I obviously see the power of digiscoping and a price more acceptable than 600mm prime lense for photography (I can't get in mind that people pay 7000$ for a single lens. Even taken as an investment .... that the price of my car !)

I know that bigger is the out lense and bigger is the amount of light gathered in the scope. So I decided to first determine my expected magnification from a spotting scope. To achieve this, I took my Canon XSi with my 70-300mm lens (which give me 16.6x).
Great, but spending 1000$ for 20x would not satisfy my mind. My satisfying point would be around 30x.

As I said, a 30x magnification would be perfect, but as I read articles, most of photograph use the lowest magnification available on their spotting scope (around 20x) to get most of detail.
I found photo of bird in the Reader's Gallery that are taken at around 50 meter and image is still clear. They are probably not at 20x...

How images details are at 40x with a spotting scope ? It is that bad ?

So knowing the best image from a spotting scope is at 20x, I started searching for another instrument to give me that 30x: Telescope

As an example, take the Orion telescope (Orion Apex 127mm OTA Mak), which could give me 50x at f\12 (bad) with no eyepieces, and this is done effortless.
I know theses lenses are not ED (they are achromatic), but it's a decent price for the light gathered and magnification. For 200$ more, I get ED glass and a waterproof tube on equivalent telescope from another company. At 700 $... It's a good deal, no ?

Does somebody ever try a telescope for digiscoping ? What are the pro and cons ?

What is your critical ( or most common ) f\stop that you use ?
I think f\12 is not good for bird photography, but maybe it's working.

Best regards !

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