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Post  MickyJoe on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:21 am

Well where do i start.

im gonna get a digiscope..which make im not sure, but the main thing is...my DSLR. is it ideal and if so what adapters do i need for it to able me to use it with digiscope? i was going to use it with my Astronimical telescope..just orderd a T ring for the camera. but because i like wildlife i rememberd about digiscopes. although ive never done it, im looking for all the advise i can get.

main concern is the setup and what i need. i could always use a digital camera [point/shoot] its not a problem. but would like the nessesary adapters for my DSLR. it got complicated when i started looking for adapters for my camera and telescope..i imagine its the same for digiscope? this a link to what ive orderd for my DSLR.
http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-olympus-four-thirds-t-mount-adapter.htm. do i need other piece also?

thanks guys for any help Laughing

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